Listing your items on College Matrix is extremely easy. Not only do we give you some great benefits but we never charge college students or military members to use College Matrix. We offer our members two great pricing options:

  1. The "Pay per Listing" option allows you to pay for each classified you place on the College Matrix Bulletin Board. See the pricing schedule below.
  2. The "Subscription Based" option allows you to sign up for a subscription to our site and place as many listings as you want during your subscription period. Contact us for more details.

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                                                 PLATINUM PLAN (Individual)
SILVER PLAN (Business)
  Bulletin Board Category
Monthly Price Monthly Price  
  For Sale: No charge $10.00  
  Learning: No charge $10.00  
  Vehicles: No charge $10.00  
  Housing: No charge No charge  
  Community: No charge No charge  
  Services: No charge $10.00  
  Jobs: No charge No charge  
  Category Upgrades
  Per Photo (Max of 6): No charge No charge  
  Featured Ad: $3.00 $5.00  
  Bolded Listing: No charge No charge  
  Better Placement: $3.00 $5.00  
  Attention Getters: No charge No charge  
  Other Item Posting
  Events: No charge No charge  
  Articles: No charge No charge